About us

"Manchevi" Nursery-garden is a family enterprise specialized in the production of ornamental plants and seedlings of thuja.

Wholly Owned products featuring high quality, variety and competitive prices. To meet all market requirements, we are able to serve clients throughout the country. We offer not only planting but vegetation as well.

Quickset - privet, thuja orientalis, etc.

Evergreen conifers - thuja orientalis, thuja occidentalis smaragd.

Deciduous – Fraxinus, Albizia, Cercis.

Plants for rockeries - Juniperus Sabina, Euonymus radicans, etc

"Manchevi" Nursery-garden has all the necessary permits for the manufacture and sale of ornamental plants. For the convenience of our customers and complete transparency of company operations issued invoices.

The Nursery-garden is in the village of Lesicheri, Pavlikeni Municipality, region Veliko Tarnovo. The village at the foot of Mount Kutra. It has a connection to the villages of Daskot, Dichin, Stambolovo, Mussina, Samovodene. About half a kilometer from the village passes The River Rositsa, a tributary of The River Yantra.

Climatic conditions are conducive to the cultivation of vegetable and fruit crops. In the 20s of the last century, many gardeners from the village worked in Romania and Hungary. At the foot of the hill soil conditions are very suitable for vineyards. The climate is typical of the Danube plain.



village of Lesicheri, Veliko Tarnovo Region, Bulgaria
Stoyan Manchev
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Theodora Mancheva
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